23rd January - 24th January 2021

Australia Day Ultra

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After being drawn to the beauty of this area, and running along this stretch of coast in and around the Leschenault Peninsula over many years, I have have felt drawn to share this beautiful area with other like minded running enthusiasts. I have looked for a slot in the Ultra running and Marathon calendar where there was very little happening for an opportunity to open this beautiful gem up to the running community.

One slot that did not seem to interfere with any other major events was the weekend of Australia Day …………….the dates may change slightly each year, but hey let’s just call it the Australia Day Ultra !

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    The course is mapped out as a 12.5 km out and back ( 2 x laps for 25km, 4 x laps for 50km, 6 x laps for 75km and 8 x laps for 100km + 6km Kids Event) along the Australind Foreshore, taking in the scenic Cathedral drive through the paperbark walk. ( This was the old Bunbury road once apon a lifetime). There will be an aid station at each end of the course (6.25km) apart along with a self serve water station at the 3km mark so there would be no need to carry water or supplies other than the mandatory gear. There are amenities at the Australind end with decent parking a service station and shops. Toilet blocks and playgrounds are located at the Start/Finish line and at the 2 km mark ( Fees Field). There are no significant road crossing and the foot traffic will be separated from vehicle traffic, though you can park on the side of the track all along the length of the proposed course.

    We are set for a Midnight start time for the 100 km, 1am start for the 75km, 3 am start for the 50 km, 6 am start for the 25 km, and a 9am start for the Kiddies 6km run to beat the heat!

    This is going to be Very Flat and Very Fast, the perfect PB course.

    This is AURA Approved and we offer discounts on the entry fee for AURA members. This is a certified course, so records will be up for the taking for those willing to push themselves that little bit harder.

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