17th May 2020

Cooks Tour


For the first time since 2012, the 50 mile event heads out once more to Beerburrum before returning to Woodford, taking in the Bracalba Basin loops on the return leg … just to keep everyone on their toes!
The Glasshouse 50 – Cook’s Tour – takes place on or near May 17th every year. This date being the anniversary of Cooks sighting and naming of the Glasshouse Mountains in 1770 – he continued north and named the town of 1770 accordingly.

The Glass House Mountains were named by Lieutenant James Cook, when he was sailing north during his epic journey along Australia’s east coast. He navigated the area on May 17, 1770 in HM Bark Endeavour.

​In his journal of that day Cook wrote ‘these hills lie but a little way inland, and not from each other: they are remarkable for the singular form of their elevation, which very much resembles a glass house, and for this reason I called them Glass Houses’.

​The glass houses referred to by Cook were the glass making foundries in Yorkshire England which reminded him of a familiar landscape.

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