12th September - 13th September 2020

Light Horse Ultra

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Here’s some sobering statistics for you:

Over 100,000 Australians have lost their lives whilst serving for our country. About 1 million people have served, or are currently serving for our country….
…and each year, as a show of respect and remembrance, we hold the Lighthorse Ultra Marathon, a timed loop event in the Northern Suburbs of Perth.

Our annual dawn service in the fields of Perry’s Paddock has the crisp morning air pierced with the eerie horn playing the last post and reveille before runners tackle the 24, 12, 6, 3 or 1 hour events on a 2.5k circuit of limestone, boardwalk and asphalt.

It has become an event tradition to offer FREE entry to all past and present service men and women, regardless of their nationality as our humble way of saying thanks and we will continue with this tradition forever. They are joined by hundreds of other runners from our community.

We proudly partner with event charity Run 4 Resilience who work with returned personal facing the task of integration back into civilian life and we encourage you to give generously.

The Lighthorse Ultra is an event that captures an atmosphere like no other running event you have ever been a part of. So please, come and join us as we tackle a truly respectful and memorable ultra marathon.

We will ALWAYS remember them.

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