31st October 2020

Moon Shadow


A lovely hill start will let you know you’re alive!!

The first section of trail is wide enough to readily allow passing for the first few k’s, then it opens up more along the “top” where you can do a little socialising, or find a bit of speed. Your choice.

They all have awesome views (some courses of the city!) with reflective flagging tape, and you run down the rabbit hole into Alice’s Wonderland! When you pop out at the top, you’ll find yourself on an huge open granite plateau. Chill out and be met with amazing views down to the city and towards the ocean.

Then make your way down the stairs, through the tunnel and to the finish!

Presentations: Visit the coffee van and food truck, hang out with your fellow runners and stick around at the finish to socialise and cheer others in. It’s the trail-running ethos. Bring a change of warm clothes and perhaps a beanie so you’re comfortable whilst you wait. We’ll have a brief set of presentations, including spot prizes around 7:50pm.

Mandatory Gear
Without the following gear you cannot start. If found without it at ANY point you will be disqualified!
1. You must carry a hydration system that will hold a minimum of 500ml for the duration of the event. This could be a handheld, a pack, or a waist belt. We recommend most runners carry at least 1L.
2. You must also wear your race bib at all times during the event.
3. Headlamp AND Spare batteries as backup OR a spare headlamp – your choice!

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