29th February 2020

Run The Lighthouse


Welcome to our NEW TRAIL adventure, we would like to take you to the Prom

Run the Lighthouse Wilsons Prom is coming to trailsplus, because many of you asked for us to take you there on one of our relaxed trail adventures. It is very much aimed to be a family friendly weekend with plenty of options around Tidal River for the playful and adventurous.

The course however will challenge and amaze you, even take your breath away.

An unmarked course requiring a level of concentration and use of Map or App to navigate you through the awesome trails awaits and will no doubt fire up all those trail senses. The 110/55km courses will require a level of experience to ensure your readiness and ability to safely make your may around the course.

We highly recommend studying the Course Maps and race information.

Please also ensure you have all the mandatory gear required to safely participate, INCOMPLETE gear items, results in NO RACE START

Make yourself familiar with the event details and most importantly come for an adventure and great time.

Event Location


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