Blue Goat Backyard Marathons - 21.1km

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Literally set in the Backyard of Blue Mountains Fitness’ Tony Williams, the BGBM offers a challenge to suit all levels with plenty of time to accommodate individuals of any experience.

With options from 10.5 km to marathon and the possibly interminable Last One Standing Endurance Run (The LOSER), there’s opportunity for everyone to take in the stunning surrounds and be in the box seat to spectate the action as it unfolds.

With the longer options running overnight into Saturday, the scheduled finish for all events is 6:00 pm, Saturday November 28th (with the exception of the LOSER), which will coincide with a BBQ/event after party, hosted by AAA Racing and BMF, from which we’ll amp up the atmosphere for those remaining in the LOSER should there be any.

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Blue Goat Backyard Marathons

28th November 2020
Mt Victoria, NSW
Start Time:
10:30 am