7th November - 8th November 2020

The Guzzler


The Guzzler Ultra is Brisbane’s very own trail ultra; organised by The Trail Co. and made possible by Brissie’s thriving trail running community. 99% trails and 100% fun, you’ll run past Brisbane’s oldest reservoirs in the order they were built. Along the way, you’ll be well looked after by the wonderful, crazy and energetic groups that populate Brisbane’s trail scene.

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    Follow your feet over hills, through D’Aguilar National Park and past waterways as we take you on a spectacular historic tour of Brisbane’s reservoirs and an epic running adventure along some of our favourite trails. The Guzzler Ultra course mixes fire trails with single track and everything in between. You’ll need your wits about you as you tackle some steep hills and loose trails, but you can guarantee you’ll have fun while you’re at it!

    We can promise you: No road running & no repetitious loops – nobody has time for that! We think trail running is about adventure and exploration and we will take you through true trail ultra territory, accessed right from Brisbane’s doorstep.

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