Warburton Trail Fest - 14km

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Race Stats:

Record: 1:06:25

So this run is a fun, fast and flowy one, put on for those who don’t want to murder their legs on the Donna Double or have a fear of leeches. Like the Donna Double and the Redwood Rush, it leaves the Footy Oval, meanders alongside the Yarra River and then punches you up the Southern Hemisphere’s steepest residential street (others claim it, too, but whatever you Kiwis and Taswegians). A little steep trail after that you pull off right onto the flat O’Shannassay Aqueduct and stride out towards the small milling township of Millgrove. Sawmill Grove. You’ll see it. It’s in a grove. See what we did with this one? Anyway, you’ll come to a lookout over Millgrove (take a look, see it), and then turn around. Yep this is an out-and-back, but it’s a nice cruisey one with a great view that reminds us of Italian valleys full of wine. Only we’re not in Italy. And there’s no wineries in Millgrove. Just a mill. A sawmill. It’s pretty. Go run it.

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Warburton Trail Fest

8th March 2020
Warburton, VIC
Start Time:
8:45 am