12th December 2020

Wilsons Prom 100

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Experience running one of Australia’s best coastal trail runs at Victoria’s spectacular Wilsons Promontory National Park. The run is all on single track, rock, fire trails and beaches offering spectacular coastal views with approximately 10 km on sealed road. Depending on tide movements it is necessary to wade across the creeks at both Sealers Cove and Oberon Beach.

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    The Prom 100 is a self supported run, it is not a race. Runners are fully responsible for their own safety and assume full liability for their participation. Participants should offer assistance to other runners in distress.

    A manned safety/first aid checkpoint is also located at the junction of Telegraph Track and Waterloo Bay Tk. This is an arduous course with constant climbs that take a cumulative toll.

    Weather conditions could be cold, wet and windy. Hypothermia is a serious risk and all runners should be prepared.

    The Prom 100 should only be attempted by experienced trail runners with good navigation experience. The run will start and finish in the dark. As a minimum, runners attempting the 100 km course must have successfully completed at least one 50 km organised trail run in the previous 6 months.

    Distances: three runs will be available—44 km, 60 km and 100 km—with the 44 km commencing at 07:00 A.M. and the longer runs starting at 06:00 A.M.

    Times will be recorded at race Headquarters at Tidal River and runners must log in at the manned checkpoint at the Junction of Telegraph track and Waterloo Bay walking trail. Runners must log at both locations as a safety check.

    Support: There will be limited support at the junction of Telegraph and Waterloo Tracks and also at Tidal River at the 80 km mark. This a self supported run. Water is available at campsites and from creeks.

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